Current Series: Plunge

Artist Statement

Justice is something we all desire. When someone does us wrong, or life doesn’t go the way we think it should, we can get angry and feel a desire to get revenge, get even, or live in a state of anger towards that person or situation. Often, these feelings of anger are completely justified. Justice, making someone or something pay for their crimes, gives us a right to be angry. However, living in a state of justice where we exercise our rights to be angry simply leaves us in a state of anger. Why would we want to live our lives in a state of anger? Why stay there? Often we forget we have the option to surrender our rights to get justice and let anger go. In giving up our justified right to be angry, we have the opportunity to forgive and plunge into grace, peace, serenity, and ultimately, joy.

Surrendering our right to be angry is not always easy and requires a complete jump into dangerous territory where we lose our own perceived sense of control. When we give control over to Love, we find ourselves in this stillness beneath the raging surface waters of surrender. By leaving those burdens of anger and justice behind, we can rise to the surface, baptised and cleansed with a renewed mind full of peace and joy. This process of surrendering to Love and God’s way of forgiveness is something I have found I can choose daily, and be constantly restored to my true self – the way He always intended for me to be.